What to Expect When You Are Expected Back to Work

by Sarah Bell

As the U.S. is one of three countries in the World to not have paid parental leave, and the mandated 12 weeks off is only for companies over 50 people, it is remarkably common for moms to return to work while their new baby is still very young. According to studies, 80% of women who were working while pregnant return to work, and the average maternity leave is less than 10 weeks. Looking beyond these statistics, returning to work following your maternity leave can be heartbreaking for many, and create a high level of anxiety.

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Navigating the Middle

by Stefee Knudsen

Millennials and Boomers: It’s no big news that there are vast social and professional differences between these two generations (or any, for that matter), but my experience working in an architecture office as part of the generation in-between has given rise to some thought-provoking observations.

As a Gen-Xer, I find myself thinking about my generation’s place between these two, and finding that we have some interesting opportunities and challenges. We entered the profession looking up to the ideals of the Boomers, adopting their expectations for what the profession is, and how to succeed in it. Yet, as the Millennials enter the profession with entirely different expectations, I see that as Gen-Xers we often have adopted both – straddling the gap and bridging the differences. We are of neither generation, and yet of both.

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