Higinio Turrubiates

Higinio Turrubiates
Higinio grew up in Brownsville, Texas and is a 2015 graduate of University of Texas' School of Architecture in Austin. He spent six months at Hacker as a practicum student, where he did everything from preparing for interviews to cutting down a Christmas tree for the office.

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Reflections on a Practicum at THA

by Higinio Turrubiates

Beyond the classroom.

As part of my final year at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, I had the opportunity to pursue work as a practicum student for six months before I graduate in May. That I was able to pursue this opportunity with any firm in the country was extremely daunting and I didn’t know where to start. Initially, I thought I would take this opportunity to work in Chicago or on the East Coast, but quickly my research changed my mind. As I began to notice that different regions of the country have certain architectural styles and that I was drawn to the projects found in the West and Northwest, I decided to focus there, and ended up at THA. Read more