Scott Mannhard

Scott Mannhard
Scott joined Hacker in 2011, and has over 15 years of experience with projects that include contemporary live-work buildings, mixed-use developments, higher education buildings, wineries, and ecological homes. Scott has worked as an architect within a real estate developer’s office and also as a construction superintendent responsible for coordinating the construction of a project he detailed. As an instructor at the University of Oregon Portland Center in 2011, Scott directed a course titled “Architect Led Development” that explored the potential of architects as originators of projects and partners in project formation. Scott is committed to expanding the role of architects as creative contributors beyond the traditional design process into the realms of project origination, financing, ecological design leadership, and design-build delivery methods. His versatility and openness to the range of duties surrounding a project bring a thoughtful designer’s approach to the whole process, including building occupancy.

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They’re Not Buildings, They’re “Assets”

by Scott Mannhard

In the spirit of our continual pursuit of authentic sustainability, I headed to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International conference in Seattle recently to hear directly from owners, operators and managers about what is important to them. These people must deal with their buildings – I mean “assets” – long after their architects have moved on to other projects. The owners and managers know what energy efficiency measures actually work to save both money and resources. They know if LEED certification was an important factor or not in reducing vacancy in their building. They hear first-hand what prospective tenants expect and require when leasing or renewing space. Given this abundance of information about how buildings are actually performing for people, it was remarkable to see so few other architects there to participate in the discussion.

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