Stephanie Shradar

Stephanie Shradar
Beginning with early childhood forts and Lego empires, Stephanie has had a lifetime love of form making that has guided her path to architecture. Originally from the Midwest, she used her years in school to explore the beautiful historic cities throughout Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean. Her love of travel led her across the country through Portland, where she became enchanted with the city and decided to never to leave. A decade later, as a practicing architect with a background in housing and historic renovations, she gets to help shape the city she loves one project at a time. Her continuing belief in sustainability begins, for her, with the reuse and renovation of existing structures. Currently, she is focused on her first non-Portland endeavor - the renovation of the beautiful, 120 year-old Denny Hall at University of Washington.

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Denny Hall Finally Gets Its Due

by Stephanie Shradar

At the University of Washington, Denny Hall has been awaiting revitalization for nearly a decade. During that time, Hacker has been working on and off again to get UW the final product. The project has gone through funding stalls and starts; the design firm has gone through two name changes; and the building has patiently awaited its new core.

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