Walking the Talk

by Annie Mahoney

In design, THA believes that architecture is best when it is an honest expression of the people and institutions it serves.

In the same way, THA supports a sustainable approach with its building projects and believes that the firm itself must also demonstrate these beliefs in daily office life and practices. This is not always easy.

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Mobile Learning Units

by Becca Cavell

Remember tablet arm chairs? The old stalwarts of “pack ‘em in” classroom design? The chairs have been unpopular with designers for years for a variety of reasons. They don’t stack, are hard to move around, and the tablets themselves are often too small for the needs of today’s students.  But perhaps the most insidious problem with the chairs is a fundamental challenge to any classroom design: the backpack issue. Bags usually end up either on the floor or hanging on the back of the chairs, often rendering them unstable.

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