Kelsey McWilliams

Kelsey McWilliams
Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Kelsey has an affinity for all things good looking. Her passion for design brought her to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon. Through school, Kelsey worked as a research assistant and studied daylighting strategies not only as a way to remember what the sun was like, but also to inform energy efficient school design for Portland Public Schools. One of her favorite learning experiences has been a semester in Scandinavia, which greatly developed her design values and world perspective. Kelsey started at Hacker just a few months after her graduation in 2012. When she’s not with us in the office, Kelsey can be found playing in the snow at Mt. Hood, helping build decks and mini ramps in friends’ backyards, and finding joy in all Portland has to offer.

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Security Obscurity

by Kelsey McWilliams

Upon reading that the Chapel of Ronchamp had recently been vandalized, I was surprised; but even more so I was offended. Personally offended. It’s not that I have an especially close connection to Le Corbusier’s Chapel; In fact I’ve never even seen it in person. I just remember learning about it in school and seeing the photos of the original drawings. They were swoopy, organic, charcoal drawings that captured the weight of the structure but at the same time were based on the fulcrum of the human arm in a simple gesture.

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